Personnel management in the state authorities: social and psychological determinants

  • Дарья Павловна Щетинина SFU
  • Алексей Алексеевич Щетинин Ros­tov Law Institute of MIA of RF
Keywords: staff management, public sector workers, social and psychological charac­teristics


The problem of work with the personnel is one of the most topical directions for increas­ing activity efficiency in any organization, commercial as well as the state one. Besides in the second case it is necessary to pay the attention to these issues, taking into consideration the particular conditions of the state employees' duties, the specific features of their motivation and functions. The article deals with some determinants of HR management in the state au­thorities, the particularities of HR management at the level of HR departments, leaders and employees. They draw attention to the role of the ackmeological and socio-psychological factors in the improvement of the professional training of the public sector workers.


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Author Biographies

Дарья Павловна Щетинина, SFU

Teacher of human resources department of the economic faculty of SFU, Candidate of Economics Sciences

Алексей Алексеевич Щетинин, Ros­tov Law Institute of MIA of RF

Teacher of the department of administrative law of Ros­tov Law Institute of MIA of RF, Candidate of Juridical Sci­ences, captain of police.


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Щетинина, Д. П., & Щетинин, А. А. (2009). Personnel management in the state authorities: social and psychological determinants. Russian Psychological Journal, 6(4), 17-24.
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